Makeup Courses & How to choose The Best.


There are many questions you need to ask before choosing the right Makeup School for you. Makeup Education to begin a career in the beauty and cosmetics industry is now pretty standard and required by most positions. Although jobs are plenty in the retail sector & for some self thought makeup artists, most working artists will have some type of formal training to enhance the skills they offer and to aid in the extra edge of professionalism.
Certain aspects of training in a college offering a recognized accreditation will cover subjects that you just can’t learn watching YOU TUBE videos.

For example with ITEC cosmetic science enables you as a trained professional to offer founded advice on the effects and benefits of certain cosmetics or brands. If you have a client that suffers from acnegenic skin and having studied cosmetic constituents you can read and understand what is contained in each product and the effects that it will have on the skin, such as things that are know to be comedogenic; this is where some of a product ingredients has the ability to block or clog pores such as certain oils, parabens and preservatives that could potentially add to the acne and make it worse.

Another thing to scope out besides do they offer a recognised accreditation & is it accepted outside of my country, is the credentials of the academy. Do they provide trainers that have experience, that also hold the required qualifications to offer training? What exactly is covered on my course? Is a Kit included ? Don’t get duped into parting with our hard earned cash only to realise that it is not a reputable college.

Also with choosing the right college to study makeup artistry with should offer not just the one style of makeup but many different styles!


A true professional and dedicated makeup artist will have learned the art of makeup and doing looks to suit the clients needs, wants, shape (FACE EYES LIPS) and style or in the event of a brief for TV, Stage, Shoot or working backstage and will have the right techniques & skills to deliver. Not everyone wants the same look and the same look does not suit everyone.

It is also ok to ring and ask if you could come in, look around and speak to some of the trainers. See what the vibe of the college is and if it is a place you feel you would like to learn and invest your time. If they say No alarm bells should tell you to walk away. Prospective students should always be welcomed to ask questions and check it out!

What accreditation do they offer ? Also another valid question is payment options? Do I need to pay my fees in full or do they have other payment methods? Compare the fees to that of other colleges offering training and remember any good college wont be extremely cheap as costing for the college including using good products etc should be taken into consideration & remember the old wife’s tale pay cheap pay twice.

and finally what can I expect when I have finished the course? Any college offering a fast track career and extortionate fees should be questioned also. We are a firm believer of hard work and dedication to all our courses and offer all our students on successful completion guidance and mentoring to help them find the sector of the industry that they would like to begin their new career path on. So ask what happens when you finish.

If you have any question or comments please feel free to ask. We offer an open door policy at Crew Academy!